Sociology Transfer Major

Guided Pathway between Iowa Wesleyan University and Southeastern Community College

Fall Semester I: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
SDV 108: The College Experience1WS 147
ENG 105: Composition I3ENG 109
SOC 110: Introduction to Sociology3SOC 100
PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology3PSYC 131
PHS 185: Introduction to Earth Science3Elective
HIS 211: Modern Asian History3Social Science Gen Ed
Spring Semester I: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
ENG 106: Composition II3ENG 106
PSY 251 Social Psychology3PSYC 209
MAT 156: Statistics3MATH 171
SOC 120: Marriage and Family3SOC 205
HIS 152: US History Since 18773HIST 126
Fall Semester II: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
SPC 112: Public Speaking3COMM 147
SOC 115: Social Problems3SOC 243
LIT 101: Introduction to Literature3Humanities Gen Ed
HUM 114: Multicultural Perspectives3Culture and Diversity Pool
SOC 114: Conflict Resolution in Workplace3Elective
Spring Semester II: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
BIO 105: Introductory Biology4Science Gen Ed
POL 111: American National Government3GOV 105
PHI 105: Introduction to Ethics3PHIL 215
SOC 160: Introduction to Social Work3Elective
SOC 161: Introduction to Social Work Lab1Elective

Transfer: 62 Credits, AA/AS Degree from SCC
Iowa Wesleyan University Courses: Bachelor of Science

Major ClassesCredits
HSEV 101: Careers in Human Services1
CJ 231: Introduction to Criminal Justice3
PSYC 326: Introduction to Counseling3
PSYC 361: Abnormal Psychology or PSYC 324 Child Psychopathy3
PSYC 365: Psychology of Addiction3
SOC 310: Race and Ethnicity3
PSYC 249: Research Methods in Psychology I3
PSYC 349: Research Methods in Psychology II3
HSEV 498: Internship6
1 300 Level Human Service Elective (SOC/PSYC/CJ/HSEV)3
ENG 311 or one 300 Level Literature Class (WI)3
300 Level Global Pool Course (SL)3
21 Elective Credits21

Student must also take two writing intensive and two service classes. If student does not follow the path stated above, more classes may occur at IW.