PE/Health Education

Guided Pathway between Iowa Wesleyan University and Southeastern Community College

First Year, Classes taken at SCC
FallCreditIW EquivalentSpringCreditIW Equivalent
EDU 212: Educational Foundations3EDUC 294Cultural Awareness Course3Elective
EDU 920: Field Experience (In PE Classroom)2EDUC 261ENG 106: Composition II3ENG 110
ENG 105: Composition I3ENG 109Humanities Course3Elective
MAT 110: Math for Liberal Arts3MATH 102PEH 161: Intro. to Physical Education2PE 225
SDV 108: The College Experience1ElectiveSPC 112: Public Speaking3COMM 147
Social Science Course3ElectiveSocial Science Course3Elective
Second Year, Classes taken at SCC
FallCreditIW EquivalentSpringCreditIW Equivalent
BIO 168: Human Anatomy & Physiology I4BIO 241EDU 240: Educational Psychology3EDUC 296
EDU 255: Technology in the Classroom3EDUC 215EDU 247: Teaching Exceptional Learners3.5EDUC 301
Humanities Course3ElectiveHumanities Course3Elective
PSY 121: Developmental Psychology3PSYC 251Math/Science Course3-4Elective
Social Science Course3Elective
Total16Total12.5 – 13.5
Total: 60.5-61.5 credit hours; Associate’s Degree Earned
Third Year, Classes taken at IW
FallCreditSpring *Earliest Admission into TEP*Credit
EDUC 110: Intro. to Teacher Education1EDUC 396K: Secondary School Special Methods3
EDUC 295: Curriculum & Dev. Evaluation3PE 223: Individual Sports3
PE 109: Functional Fitness & Personal Wellness2PE 250: Motor Learning2
PE 212: Coaching Authorization4PE 382: Prevention, Care & Treatment of Injuries3
PE 221: Team Sports3PE 341: Movement and Adaptive PE (SL)3
PE 352: Kinesiology (WI)3
Fourth Year, Classes taken at IW
EDUC 262: Partic. & Analysis in Schools1EDUC 263: Partic. & Analysis in Schools1
EDUC 332: Elementary School PE/Health Methods3EDUC 302: Classroom Management2
EDUC 357: Human Relations (WI)2EDUC 327: Reading in the Secondary Content Area2
PE 107: Dance and Movement3PE 484: Physiology of Exercise4
PE 231: First Aid1PE 493: Organization, Administration & Curriculum, Development of Secondary PE & Athletics3
PE 356: Principles and Assessment in PE3
Fifth Year, Classes taken at IW
EDUC 402: Seminar for Student Teachers1
EDUC 442: Practicum in Elementary School7
EDUC 443: Practicum in Elementary School7