Music Education

Guided Pathway between Iowa Wesleyan University and Southeastern Community College

First Year, Classes taken at SCC
FallCreditIW EquivalentSpringCreditIW Equivalent
EDU 210: Foundations of Education3EDUC 294ENG 106: Composition II3ENG 110
ENG 105: Composition I3ENG 109MAT 110: Math for Liberal Arts3MATH 102
MUS 100: Music Appreciation3ElectiveMUS 204: History of Rock and Roll3Elective
MUS 102: Music Fundamentals3MUS 141Social Science Course3Elective
Music-Applied1/2AppliedSPC 112: Public Speaking3COMM 147
SDV 108: The College Experience1ElectiveMusic-Applied1/2Applied
Second Year, Classes taken at SCC


SpringCreditIW Equivalent
EDU: 255 Technology in the Classroom3EDUC 215EDU: 240 Educational Psychology3EDUC 296
Humanities Course3ElectiveEDU 247: Teaching Exceptional Learners3EDUC 301
Lab Science Course3ElectiveEDU 920: Field Experience (In Music Classroom)2EDUC 261
MUS 120 & MUS 135: Music Theory I with Lab4ElectiveMusic-Applied1/2Applied
PSY 121: Developmental Psychology3PSYC 251Elective3Elective
Total: 62-66 credit hours; Associate’s Degree Earned
Third Year, Classes taken at IW
FallCreditSpring *Earliest Admission into TEP*Credit
EDUC 110: Intro. to Teacher Education1EDUC 262: Partic. & Analysis in Schools1
EDUC 295: Curriculum & Dev. Evaluation3MUS 101-110: Ensembles2
MUS 101-110: Ensembles2MUS 115: Brass Class1
MUS 113: Strings Class1MUS 118: Woodwinds Class II1
MUS 117: Woodwinds Class I1MUS 120: Guitar Class1
MUS 119: Percussion Class1MUS 124: Diction for Singers II1
MUS 123: Diction for Singers I1MUS 132: Beginning Piano Class for Music Majors1
MUS 131: Beginning Piano Class for Music Majors1MUS 142: Elementary Harmony2
MUS 143: Aural Skills I1MUS 143: Aural Skills II1
MUS 300A: Music Lab0.5MUS 300B: Music Lab0.5
MUS 321 A-H: Private Lessons0.5MUS 322 A-H: Private Lessons1
MUS 353: History of Music (WI)3MUS 354: History of Music (WI)3
Fourth Year, Classes taken at IW
EDUC 357: Human Relations (WI) (SL)3EDUC 263: Partic. & Analysis in Schools1
MUS 101-110: Ensembles2EDUC 302: Classroom Management2
MUS 241: Advanced Harmony: Writing & Keyboard2EDUC 327: Reading in the Secondary Content Area (SL)3
MUS 243: Aural Skills III1MUS 244: Aural Skills IV2
MUS 355: Elementary Music Methods & Curriculum2MUS 328: Materials of Music3
MUS 357: Instrumental Conducting2MUS 356: Choral Methods & Curriculum2
MUS 386: Instrumental Methods & Curriculum2MUS 358: Choral Conducting2
MUS 400A: Music Lab0.5MUS 400B: Music Lab0.5
MUS 421 A-H: Private Lessons1MUS 421 A-H: Private Lessons (Senior Recital)1
MUS 481: Arranging2
Fifth Year, Classes taken at IW
EDUC 402: Seminar for Student Teachers1
EDUC 482: Practicum in Elementary School7
EDUC 483: Practicum in Elementary School7