Interactive and Social Media Pathway (AAS) to Digital Media Design (BA)

Guided Pathway between Iowa Wesleyan University and Southeastern Community College

Fall Semester I: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
CSC 110: Introduction to Computers3DMD 109
ENG 105: Composition I3ENG 109
GRA 137: Digital Design3DMD 201
GRA 175: Graphic Design Principles3DMD 204
SMM 108: Social Media Engagement3Elective
MAT 110 or MAT 1563MATH 102 or MATH 171


Spring Semester I: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
GRA 275: Advanced Graphic Design3Elective
MKT 121: Digital Marketing3BA 320
MMS 111: Video Production3DMD 260
BUS 130: Introduction to Entrepreneurship3Elective
ART 184: Photography3DMD 207


Fall Semester II: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
GRA 140: Digital Imaging3DMD 109
GRA 173: Typography3DMD 204
MKT 150: Principles of Advertising3BA 320
SMM 220: Navigating the Media Minefield3BA 320
SPC 112: Public Speaking3COMM 147
PSY 111, SOC 115, or SOC 1203Social Science Gen Ed


Spring Semester II: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
GRA 127: Illustrator I3Elective
GRA 158: Web Multimedia3Elective
GRA 190: Electronic Media Projects3DMD 260
GRA 933: Internship4Elective

Transfer: 64 Credits, AAS Degree from SCC

Iowa Wesleyan University Courses: Bachelor of Science

General Education CoursesCredits
WS 148: Tiger Expeditions1
ENG 110: College Research (WI)3
Science course with a lab4
1 Social Science Course3
1 300 Level Culture and Diversity Class3


Major ClassesCredits
ART 215: Painting I3
ART 219: Drawing I3
ART 259: Printmaking I3
DMD 221: Web Design and Programming3
DMD 309: Multimedia Development3
DMD 310: Digital Illustration3
DMD 341: Video and Audio Postproduction3
DMD 369: Interactive Media3
ART 381 or ART 382: Art History I or II3
DMD 399: Student Workshop in Publications3
Art 499 A and B2
ART 498: Internship6
1 300 level Global Issues Class (SL)3
4 credits of electives, elective may need to include a WI or SL. Student is required at take two of each.4

Student must also take two writing intensive and two service classes. If student does not follow the path stated above, more classes may occur at IW.

Some IW classes show up multiple times in the IW equivalent. This means the student must take all of the SCC courses that the IW class is listed under for the course to transfer for the IW class.