Soar at SCC. Roar at IW.

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    Apply to Southeastern Community College

    Your first step is to apply for a program at SCC.  There are a variety of programs that you can choose from!  Not sure what you want to major in yet?  Don’t worry; once you’re accepted, we can help!

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    Connect with Alliance Advisor

    When you’re accepted to SCC, you’ll have access to numerous resources intended to help you succeed on your academic pathway.  In addition to your SCC Student Success Advocate, you will also have the option to work with an IW Alliance Advisor who can help you navigate as you work on your associate degree in preparation for a bachelor program at IW.

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    Complete your Degree

    Complete your Associate in Arts (AA) or Science (AS) Degree or even your Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree at SCC.  This degree will help to lay the foundation to help you grow when you enter your program at Iowa Wesleyan University.

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    Apply to IW

    Meet with your IW Alliance Advisor to determine when will be the best time for you to apply to transfer to IW.  Every student has a different path, you may be ready to transfer sooner than you expect!

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    Become a Tiger

    Once you finish your AA/AS or your AAS at SCC, it’s time to transfer to IW!  Your IW Alliance Advisor will work with you through the final stages of learning to roar with the Tigers!