Soar at SCC. Roar at IW.

Great news! Iowa Wesleyan University has teamed up with Southeastern Community College (SCC). The Alliance, known as the Southeast Iowa Higher Education Alliance (SIHEA), provides students increased access and opportunities to complete their higher education right here in Southeast Iowa.

It’s all designed to bring the best of each institution together for your benefit.


There are numerous benefits to a student through this Alliance, here a few of them:

  • SCC Alliance Scholarship of $1,800 annually ($900 per semester) for up to two (2) years of continuous full-time enrollment at IW
  • Clearly mapped academic pathways from your SCC program directly into one of IW’s bachelor’s degree programs (and master’s degree if you wish to continue)
  • Earn your four-year degree within the same system, right here in Southeast Iowa.
  • Career planning services and internships to prepare you for entry directly into the workforce upon graduation.
  • All SCC students who transfer to IW through the Alliance are eligible for a 10% discount with the YMCA childcare program in compliance with the YMCA guidelines and their childcare availability.

Additional Alliance Transfer Incentives:

  • IW Enrollment deposit waived
  • IW Priority Housing and Class Registration (if a student enrolls by April 1 for the fall semester and November 15 for the Spring Semester entrance)
  • Students are eligible for SCC Alliance Scholarship, in addition to other IW Grant Aid (athletic scholarship, academic/music scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa scholarships, etc.)
  • You no longer need to request transcripts, these are automatically transferred over for free.

Transfer Incentives for students who are interested in the IW Online programs only:

  • 20% Discount per credit hour or
  • Special price of $250/credit for RN to BSN program (this is a flat rate, so the 20% discount rate is not eligible on top of this) 

Frequently Asked Questions