A.A.S. Early Childhood (Elementary with Early Childhood Endorsement)

Guided Pathway between Iowa Wesleyan University and Southeastern Community College

 First Year, Classes taken at SCC
FallCreditIW EquivalentSpringCreditIW Equivalent
ECE 103: Introduction to ECE3EDUC 279ECE 158: Early Childhood Curric. I3Elective
EDU 212: Foundations of Education3EDUC 294ECE 133: Child Health, Safety & Nutrition3HLTH 300
EDU 290: Field Experience2EDUC 261EDU 247: Teaching Exceptional Learners3.5EDUC 301
PHI 105: Introduction to Ethics3IW Self/ Society PoolECE 170: Child Growth & Development3EDUC 268
ART 101 or MUS 1003IW Creativity Theory PoolART 133 or ART 1433IW Creativity Activ. Pool
SOC 110: Introduction to Sociology3SOC 100ENG 105: Composition I3ENG 109
SDV 108: The College Experience1Elective
Second Year, Classes taken at SCC
FallCreditIW EquivalentSpringCreditIW Equivalent
BIO 105: Introductory Biology4IW Support CourseECE 140: ECE Curriculum Planning3Elective
ENG 106: Composition II3ENG 110ECE 284: Field Experience II2Elective
EDU 235: Children’s Literature3EDUC 338EDU 255: Technology in the Classroom3EDUC 215
Humanities: HIS 151 or HIS 1523HIST 125 or HIST 126MAT 113: Math for Elem. Teachers II3MAT 112+ MAT 113= MATH 150
PSY 121: Developmental Psychology3PSYC 251SPC 101 or SPC 1123COMM 147
MAT 112: Math for Elem. Teachers I3MAT 112+ MAT 113= MATH 150WBL 103 Exploring Careers: Human Services1Elective
Total: 69-72 credit hours; Associate of Science Degree Earned
Third Year, Classes taken at IW
 CreditSpring *Earliest Admission into TEP*Credit
EDUC 110: Intro. to Teacher Education1EDUC 262: Partic. & Analysis in Schools1
EDUC 295: Curriculum & Dev. Evaluation3EDUC 302: Classroom Management2
EDUC 296: Educational Psychology (WI)3EDUC 305: Elementary Science Methods3
MATH 102: Math for Life3EDUC 314: Foundations of Elem. Literacy3
SCI 206: Physical Science4EDUC 355: Methods & Materials for ECE3
SPED 306: Collaboration and the Family3
Fourth Year, Classes taken at IW
EDUC 263: Partic. & Analysis in Schools1EDUC 357: Human Relations (WI) (SL)3
EDUC 323: Elementary Math Methods3EDUC 421: Preschool Practicum3
EDUC 345: Written Communication3Elective3
EDUC 331: Elem. Soc. Stud. Methods3Elective3
EDUC 390: Elementary Specials Methods3
Fifth Year, Classes taken at IW
EDUC 402: Seminar for Student Teachers1
EDUC 442: Practicum in Elementary School7
EDUC 422: Practicum in Kindergarten7