Criminal Justice Transfer Major

Guided Pathway between Iowa Wesleyan University and Southeastern Community College

Fall Semester I: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
SDV 108: The College Experience1WS 147
CRJ 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice3CJ 231
SOC 230: Juvenile Delinquency3CJ 308
ENG 105: Composition I3ENG 109
POL 111: American National Government3GOV 305
SOC 110: Introduction to Sociology3SOC 100
Spring Semester I: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
SOC 240: Criminology3CJ 307
ENG 106: Composition II3ENG 106
MAT 156: Statistics3MATH 171
SCI 123: Forensic Science4CJ 315
CRJ 130: Criminal Law3CJ 260
Fall Semester II: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
CRJ 120: Introduction to Corrections3CJ 316
CRJ 132: Constitutional Law3CJ 350
CRJ 141: Criminal Investigation3Elective
HUM 114: Multicultural Perspectives3Culture and Diversity Pool
PHS 185: Introduction to Earth Science3Elective
Spring Semester II: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
PHI 105: Introduction to Ethics3PHIL 215
HUM 287: Leadership Development Students3Humanities Gen Ed
HIS 211: Modern Asian History3Social Science Gen Ed
SPC 112: Public Speaking3COMM 147
PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology3PSYC 131

Transfer: 62 Credits, AA/AS Degree from SCC
Iowa Wesleyan University Courses: Bachelor of Science

Major ClassesCredits
CJ 101: Careers in Criminal Justice1
CJ 347: Research Methods in Criminal Justice3
CJ 355: Law Enforcement3
CJ 416: Crime and Punishment3
CJ 420: Global Issues in Criminal Justice3
CJ 498: Internship6
6 Elective Criminal Justice Credits6
2 Writing Intensive Classes6
2 Service Learning Classes6
15 Credits in a CJ minor: Juvenile Justice or Law15
6 300 Level Elective Credits6

Student must also take two writing intensive and two service classes. If student does not follow the path stated above, more classes may occur at IW.

A criminal justice major does not need to take a minor, but a minor will support a criminal justice major’s career path.