Business Administration Entrepreneurship (AAS) to Business with a concentration in Applied Science (BS)

Guided Pathway between Iowa Wesleyan University and Southeastern Community College

Fall Semester I: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
ADM 162: Office Procedures3Elective
BUS 102: Introduction to Business3BA 100
CSC 110: Introduction to Computers3For BA 150 and BA 151
ENG 131: Business English3Elective
MAT 712: Business Math3Elective
WBL 155: Job shadowing: Business, Finance, Marketing, and Management1Elective


Spring Semester I: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
BUS 124: Business Innovation3Concentration Block
BUS 130: Introduction to Entrepreneurship3Concentration Block
BUS 180: Business Ethics3PHIL 215
BUS 185: Business Law I3BA 330
HUM 287: Leadership Development Studies3Humanities Gen Ed
SPC 101: Fundamentals of Oral Communication3COMM 147


Fall Semester II: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
ADM 188: Project and Event Management3Elective
BUS 135: Managing and Entrepreneurial Venture3Concentration Block
BUS 138: Small Business Marketing3Concentration Block
MKT 140: Principles of Selling3Elective
SMM 108: Social Media Engagement3Elective
SOC 114: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace3Social Science Elective


Spring Semester II: SCCCreditsIW Equivalent
ACC 142: Financial Accounting3ACTG 210
BUS 131: Small Business Management Strategies3Concentration Block
BUS 141: Small Business Startup1Concentration Block
BUS 150: E-Commerce3Concentration Block
MGT 170: Human Resources Management3BA 360

Transfer: 67 Credits, AAS Degree from SCC

Iowa Wesleyan University Courses: Bachelor of Science

General Education CoursesCredits
WS 148: Tiger Expeditions1
ENG 109: College Composition (WI)3
ENG 110: College Research (WI)3
MATH 171: Elementary Statistics4
Science course with a lab4
1 300 Level Culture and Diversity Class3


Major ClassesCredits
ECN 101: Microeconomics3
ECN 102: Macroeconomics3
ACTG 211: Managerial Accounting3
BA 310: Principles of Management3
BA 320: Principles of Marketing3
BE 340: Corporate Financial Management3
BA 350: Business Information Systems3
BA 419: Business Strategy (WI) (SL)3
BA 498: Field Experience6
300 Level Global course (SL)3
BA 102 A through F Seminars0
2 300 Level Classes6

Student must also take two writing intensive and two service classes. If student does not follow the path stated above, more classes may occur at IW.

Eligibility for an Applied Science Concentration:

Eligibility: Students who have previously earned the Associate of Applied Science [A.A.S.] degree.
Complete all of the following:

  1. Complete the IW Wesleyan Studies General Education curriculum
  2. Complete the IW Service Learning, Writing Intensive, and Field Experience requirement
  3. Complete the IW Business Administration core requirements
    1. Courses already completed for which there is an existing articulation agreement between IW and the A.A.S. granting institution will be applied toward this degree program
    2. A block of closely-related technical courses (e.g., Agribusiness, Machine Technology, etc.) will be substituted in lieu of major concentration course requirements.
    3. Final determination of the acceptability of technical courses will be made by the IW Registrar in conjunction with the Business Division chair.